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For the area to truly thrive, we need to all dig a little deeper to care, share

Contrasting headlines about our city can make us proud or make us squirm. In April, a headline was “U.S. News: Cincinnati in top 50 of Best Places to Live 2018.” Just last week, we had a much different headline: “Cincinnati’s poverty rate up, higher than pre-Great Recession at 27.7 percent, Census says.”

While we live in a great community, we also live in a place with great needs. Childhood poverty. Opioid crisis. Homelessness. Mental health. Racism. Not everyone in our community is thriving. Recently our city has grappled with what to do about the homeless camps in our downtown, a police officer being shot while serving a warrant at a group home, and the devastating effects of mental illness. These are tough issues with no easy answers.

For ALL of Greater Cincinnati to truly thrive, we need to boldly address these and other problems … and the nonprofits of our community are on the front lines of this work. I believe that high-performing nonprofits are vital to a thriving community. In my work with OneSource Center for Nonprofit Excellence, I’m humbled and honored to learn about and support the incredible work that our nonprofit community is doing each and every day. We count on this “unseen” work so we can live our comfortable and safe lives. But can we really live in

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Christie Brown Guest columnist

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