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Donated AEDs improve safety at Stepping Stones’ Allyn Campus

Realtors with Heart, a committee of the Cincinnati Board of Realtors, donated two AEDs (automated external defibrillators) to Stepping Stones’ Allyn Campus in February.

Teens and adults with disabilities participate in year-round day and overnight recreational programs at the property in Batavia.

AEDs are portable, battery-powered devices that are used in cases of cardiac arrest to check heart rhythm and, if necessary, send an electric shock to restore a normal rhythm. Individuals are more likely to survive a cardiac arrest if an AED is used while waiting for emergency medical services to arrive.

“As a matter of citizenship, every single person should be able to do CPR and know how to use an AED confidently,” Laurie Nippert Leonard, founder of Realtors with Heart, said at the February 11 presentation. “One person can make a difference.”

Following Leonard’s presentation, Mark Johnston, EMS coordinator with Christ Hospital, conducted an AED/CPR training for Stepping Stones’ staff and members of the Rotary Club of Cincinnati. The Rotary Foundation of Cincinnati owns the Allyn property, and leases it in perpetuity to Stepping Stones.

Leonard, a Rotary Club member, recognized the need for additional AEDs at the 47-acre property while participating in a fall landscaping service project last fall. Realtors with Heart has donated 18 AEDs to Cincinnati-area nonprofits.

Stepping Stones is a United Way partner agency serving more than 1,100 people with disabilities in day and overnight programs that increase independence and promote inclusion.

Founded in 1963, the agency provides educational, recreational and social programs at locations in Batavia, Indian Hill, Monfort Heights and Norwood.

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Nicole Miller, Stepping Stones, Inc.

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